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Is Rue actually deeply in love with Jules on Euphoria — or is Jules simply her brand new medication?

Is Rue actually deeply in love with Jules on Euphoria — or is Jules simply her brand new medication?

Why don’t we tackle the aftereffects of THAT kiss from episode 4 of ‘Euphoria’ and whether it ensures that Rue is in fact in love or if it means our company is seeing the beginnings of a possible tragedy.

Euphoria (2019 television show)

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(if you should be perhaps perhaps not trapped on Euphoria, stop reading now.)

Since Euphoria premiered in June, the show has drawn no punches in terms of intercourse, nudity, and drugs. But thus far, the show has actually were able to wow having its look that is unflinching at bad, the unsightly, while the uglier in terms of the pitfalls of addiction.

And Rue (Zendaya), the show’s protagonist, happens to be the automobile with this, showing all of us of the things this woman is compelled doing as a result of addiction — including lying, stealing, and manipulation that is gross. Still, she’s been able to find an apparently good force in Jules (Hunter Schafer), whom encourages her to obtain neat and is adamant about perhaps not planning to be buddies with “someone who’s gonna kill themself” that is f—ing. In the middle of this, but, fans regarding the show happen wondering aloud about whether the two are truly falling for every single other (specially after episodes 3 and 4) or if Jules is a replacement that is mere Rue’s reliance on medications.

In line with the final two episodes — along with Rue’s other addict Ali (Colman Domingo) blatantly stating that Jules could be a medication alternative to Rue in episode 4 — we’re inclined to choose the latter concept.

1. Timing. Rue and Jules become buddies and possible lovers right as Rue returns from rehab.

When you look at the pilot, Rue satisfies Jules precisely 2 to 3 times after going back from rehab at Chris McKay’s (Algee Smith) party plus they ver quickly become buddies after Rue asks to come with Jules home.

The rate of that they become buddies if not close friends is not as concerning yourself(i.e time is of no consequence) if you’ve actually met people in high school or remember being in high school. However, it really is interesting that the start of their relationship, the timing, quite literally coincides by what is meant to function as end of a terrible chapter (rehab) in Rue’s life—even though she by herself informs us that she theoretically does not have any intends to stop doing drugs. It simply begs the questioning in the future: in fact just trade one drug for another (Jules) if she purportedly had no plans to stop, did she?

2. Rue constantly means Jules as “the smartest thing that has occurred to her in a truly long time”.

At this stage into the tale, Rue’s relationship with Jules is approximately the one thing that is certainly going well on her behalf. She does know this, we the viewers knows of this (as Rue is very literally a hot mess), and she states equally as much by constantly stating that Jules “is the most sensible thing which has happened to her” recently.

Increased exposure of constantly, along with it arriving at a psychological mind in episode 3, prior to their very first kiss plus in the aftermath of this kiss during episode 4.

Needless to say, basing your complete convenience of joy on some outside force or person renders way too much up to opportunity and a lot of factors floating around. As well as this, this might be lot of force to hold anything or anybody. To expect you to definitely be every thing to you personally. As well as on top of the, despite having all of the right time we’ve spent with Rue, she’s has told us absolutely nothing about any one of her other passions or fascinations. We don’t understand she likes her steak or even what her biggest pet peeve is if she likes to dance or how. We don’t even understand if she even likes likely to school.

We simply understand that she likes drugs…and Jules.

Which makes one wish to consider Rue’s fascination and preoccupation with Jules as extremely obsessive. Or suspect you guessed it, extremely addictive that it at least has the potential to become obsessive and.

Which ironically leads us towards the next point:

3. In episode 3, whenever Rue kisses Jules and she does not react with elation, Rue spirals and attempts to distract by herself along with her obsession that is original.

Episode 3 happens to be probably the most episode that is revealing far for a number of reasons, but mainly since this is the episode where Rue’s feelings for Jules are freely expressed.

Nearby the summary associated with episode, Rue and Jules apologize to one another with regards to their brief spat over Jules’ being semi-careless about her security whenever meeting men from dating apps. When they compensate, Rue is swept up when you look at the minute and kisses Jules. Nevertheless, whenever Jules does not instantly reciprocate her emotions, Rue panics, operates away, and very quickly ultimately ends up straight back on Fezco’s porch, begging to get more medications.

It’s very telling that whenever Rue believes she’s got damaged her relationship with Jules (“the smartest thing which includes happened to her recently”), her gut response is always to try to distract by by herself through the discomfort and pity to be presumably refused by Jules with medications. And building upon the point that is previous it ought to be significantly more than just a little concerning that experiencing any non-positive response from Jules is sufficient to entirely change her entire mood and spoil her time.

4. Where cinematography is worried, the majority of the medication journey scenes in Euphoria have actually a” that is“dreamy to them. Nearly all Jules and Rue’s scenes together mirror the exact same.

Theories like this 1 and also the “Rue Is Dead” one have a tendency to seem like they originated from somebody who wears tinfoil caps for enjoyable. But once in a while, the cinematographers of Euphoria throw us a bone tissue and give some merit to these theoretical musings.

As well as this, probably the most famous regarding the medication journey scenes consist of Rue stumbling down the hall after snorting coke within the pilot. The hallway begins to use the many turn that is kaleidoscopic the viewers discovers by themselves viewing a fairly impressive homage to Inception. As soon as again, as a result of her journey, we given that audience are created to concern the truth of exactly exactly what took place and exactly how time that is much dating disabled free passed.

That is to express why these scenes — these trips — have this dreamy, otherworldly aspect just as if they’ve been current away from time.

a quantity of Jules and Rue’s scenes share this that is“dreamy aswell. This very first happened in episode 2 right because they both accept get high. During Rue’s journey, they stare at each and every other in a dimly-lit tent that Jules ended up being initially and dreamily awaits Rue in. She calls off to her in a voice that is slowed-down with glitter literally addressing her entire face. And so they converse in equally slowed-down sounds. We don’t know very well what time it really is and now we don’t understand where these are typically. But even though, we zoom in on Rue’s face. This woman is at comfort. She actually is happy. And she actually is additionally crying… glitter.

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